The One Thing You Need to Do This Weekend: Free Download

You’re going to have an emergency. I don’t know if it will be tomorrow, next month, or next year, but it’s coming, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it.

But you can reduce the level of stress a crisis causes. Several years ago, I started a Legacy File. A Legacy File is a simple document that outlines key information in one place, ready for you or your loved ones in case of medical emergency, natural disaster, identity theft, or just forgetting your login for that obscure-but-important account you check once every 3 years.

Yes, you need a will. That’s not this document. This is something you can do at-home, this weekend, no attorney needed.

Stop making excuses. Start a New Year’s tradition of updating your Legacy File. It’s a great feeling of peace to start the year with this gift to your family, friends, and future self.

How to Use the Legacy File: 

  • Download or print the free template. (Word | PDF)
  • Fill in the information – it will take a few hours the first year, but less than 45 minutes to update every year after that.
  • Store the document somewhere accessible but safe in your home. We store the main document in a filing cabinet, with the sensitive information in our safe.
  • Tell others about the Legacy File. Your family and/or close friends need to know where you keep your Legacy File. If someone is close enough to have a key to your house, they should know about your Legacy File. We also choose to give a copy to one person on each side of our family and store a copy digitally.

Download Now: Word Template for Legacy File

Download Now: PDF Template for Legacy File